23. July 2018

Creature from the Black Lagoon Online Slot Review

NetEnt teamed up with Universal to bring you an online slot game based on the 1954 movie, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. From the very opening animation, this slot game takes you down the Amazon River and into that vintage movie.

The open is a retro looking animation of the half-fish half-man creature rising up from the murky waters to grab for you, which can be taken as a metaphor for how this slot game grabs you. The four main characters from the movie are symbols in the game, and other symbols are period graphics related to finding and capturing the creature. Music from the movie is the background soundtrack, with dramatic overtones when a winning combination is hit. After some wins, a random sound clip of a quote from the movie plays.

The big attraction of the Creature from the Black Lagoon slot is the way Wild symbols appear in different forms. The regular Wild acts like a Wild in other games, except they are sticky for one extra re-spin that they trigger. There are also Spreading Wilds which expand to fill an entire reel and also stay in place during a free re-spin.

The other extra feature that makes this a fun game to play is the Free Spin, which happens when three or more Free Spin symbols appear. The more Free Spin symbols, the greater the number of free spins, from ten for three symbols to twenty for five symbols. The Free Spins game is set up by an animation of the creature approaching the boat, capturing the character Kay, and taking her under the river to his lair. During the Free Spins, a target symbol randomly pops up and the creature appears. Hit the creature with your harpoon and you get extra re-spins and payouts, depending on how many targets appear during the spins and how well you do harpooning the creature.

The tribute to the classic movie, and the chance to win big with the Wilds and Free Spins, makes this a must-play online slot. Take advantage of our bonus cash and free spins offer for making your first deposit with Buck and Butler and start playing now!