Gambling Responsibly

Gambling Responsibly
People gamble for many reasons – to temporarily escape problems, relieve boredom, or for the challenge. Most just find it fun entertainment. For a small percentage of gamblers, it goes beyond entertainment and becomes a gambling problem, or worse, a gambling addiction. Buck & Butler is committed to making sure you have an enjoyable gambling experience on our site, while making sure you are aware of the harm that comes from problem gambling. We do what we can to ensure you gamble responsibly.

What Is a Gambling Problem?
You don’t have to gamble every day to be a problem gambler. The truth is, if gambling causes a disruption or problems in your life, you are a problem gambler. If you gamble no matter the situation or the consequences, even when you know that the odds are against you, or when you know you can’t afford to lose, then you may have a gambling addiction.

Do you feel the need to hide your gambling? Are you secretive about how much, or how often you gamble? Do you have trouble walking away from gambling – even when you have spent your last dollar? Gambling addicts may feel the need to borrow, sell, use credit cards to the maximum – or even steal – to obtain gambling money.

Buck & Butler Helps You Gamble Responsibly
At Buck & Butler, you may set limits on how much you can wager or set maximums to lose by contacting Support, or going to your “My Account” section. You can change those limits – with some restrictions. You can decrease deposit limits, which reduces the amount you can wager or have available to lose, and it will go into effect immediately. However, to increase the limit, you must wait for a 7-day cooling-off period before it takes effect. This allows you to avoid impulsive wagering or rash gambling decisions.

If you worry that you may be losing control of your gambling, you may voluntarily suspend your account through self-exclusion by contacting us at The minimum self-exclusion is six months, but you can make it permanent and cancel your account by contacting the same email address. You can also contact Support and request a time limit for a session. Again, to protect you, the 7-day cooling-off period applies to any request to lower the self-exclusion period or raise the session time limit.

Responsible Gambling Resources 
Use the following links to find out more information about, or to get help with, problem gambling and gambling addiction.

Malta Gaming Authority

Foundation for Social Welfare Services

The Responsible Gaming Foundation

And in the U.K.:

GamCare UK

Gamblers Anonymous UK

Further resources for problem gamblers:

The National Council on Problem Gaming

Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling Therapy

Be Responsible and Have Fun

Get set for great entertainment! Open an account now with Buck & Butler, get our welcome offer, set up the limits that you feel comfortable wagering, and have a safe and fun gambling experience!