22. August 2018

How AI Is Changing Online Gambling

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is being utilized in virtually every industry and is creating revolutionary changes – and online gambling is no exception. The more advanced AI programs continually collect information to add to their data knowledge base, learning from every experience they have and every operation they complete. Here are some ways AI can impact online gambling.


  • Better Competition – Computers have shown the ability to defeat human players in games of skill such as chess and Go. In 2017, a computer using AI was able to defeat professional poker players in a twenty-day poker tournament.  This shows how machine learning can analyze both mathematical probabilities and opponent behavior to increase the competition in online casino table games.


  • Better Customer Service – Advanced service bots using AI can access and analyze past behavior and habits to deliver personalized and relevant responses to customers. An Oracle study found that 78% of the companies surveyed have or are planning to have advanced AI customer service “representatives” by 2020.


  • Prevent Problem Gambling – By studying how much time a player spends playing, how much and when a player deposits money, what games he or she plays, and when and how much is bet, AI can analyze this data and highlight bad gambling habits before they develop into a larger gambling problem. One company using this technology claims an 87% accuracy rate in predicating possible problems. Tools could then be provided to the individual, such as implementing a loss cap and instituting automatic timeouts.


  • Use Data to Improve the Customer Experience – Even before the advent of AI, online casinos studied and analyzed customer behavior to try to understand what would attract and keep customers. With advanced AI, more data can be more deeply analyzed to figure out player needs and wants, as well as discover why a player plays, quits, or changes games. The online casino can then recommend the types of machines that will keep you interested and having fun.


  • Protect Against Fraud – Since the main capability of AI is recognizing and analyzing patterns, it could compare your behavioral patterns each time you log into your account and detect when someone else may be using your account. If AI detects your account suddenly changes the way you play or bet, an alert can be sent to you warning that your account may be being used fraudulently.


The Future is Here


AI is already being used by online casinos. The challenge comes from knowing how to best utilize the new technology. It will be interesting to see exactly how casinos, both online and brick-and-mortar, incorporate AI into their operations to protect the customer and improve the gaming experience in coming years.


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