14. February 2019

Lightning Roulette Explained

There is some question when the game of roulette was invented. The most popular opinion is that the French mathematician and inventor, Blaise Pascal, created it in 1655. It’s been played much the same since its appearance in Paris in 1796, but Evolution Gaming has reinvented the wheel with its award-winning Lightning Roulette online casino game.

What is Lightning Roulette?

The familiar elements of traditional live roulette are in this game – live dealers, the usual roulette bets, and, of course, the roulette wheel. However, the user interface and extra features make this a stunning experience found in no other roulette game.

The interface is a visual treat and full of special elements. A nice touch is the clever way numbers that are popular with other players are displayed. The game makes numbers with the most bets for each spin quiver and shake. There are statistics from the last 500 rounds providing an overview of all winning numbers and colors. Buttons at the bottom allow players to change their viewing mode, select the video quality and sound, view their own bet history, and access game rules.

Where the game gets its name, and what makes the game unique, is what happens after the bets are made and before the wheel is spun. As in traditional roulette, you bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or colors. Once bets are down, the dealer pulls a lever which causes the board to be struck by lightning and between one to five numbers are chosen at random and randomly assigned multipliers. If you’ve selected one of them as your bet, your wager is multiplied from 50x to 500x the normal win.

Evolution Gaming is known for having dealers in their games that are talkative and entertaining with a good sense of humor.  The dealer doesn’t have to interrupt the patter to spin the wheel since it’s spun automatically. Combine these dealers with the appealing graphics, gameplay, and sound effects, and it is no wonder that Lightning Roulette won the 2018 Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas.

Spin the Lightning Roulette Wheel at Buck and Butler

Even die-hard players could use a change of pace from standard roulette. The revolutionary innovative additions delivered in Lightning Roulette could be your answer. While in the long run the payouts aren’t too far different from regular roulette, the chance to hit that 500x multiplier, the great graphics and sound effects, and the friendly dealers make Lightning Roulette a highly rewarding and exciting experience. Even if Lightning Roulette doesn’t sound like the game for you, we offer over 50 different roulette games online, so you’ll be sure to find one to your liking. Sign up or log in today and give one of them a try!