Online Slot Machines – Starburst Review

NetEnt (also known as Net Entertainment) makes some of the most popular games online, and one of their most popular slot machines is Starburst. Many online slot machines feature retro symbols reminiscent of the mechanical machines of years past. With classic symbols like bars and sevens, the Starburst slot machine follows this pattern – which may be part of its appeal. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Starburst to see what makes it so popular.
Starburst Description
The graphics of a Starburst slot machine are simple, but bold. Featuring large, brightly colored gemstones, plus bars and sevens, the game has five reels with ten pay lines, which makes it easier to follow than some other slot machines. Because it pays in both directions, there is interest in watching the reels all the way through. Coin amounts range from .01 to 1.00, and you can bet up to ten coins per line  making this attractive to casual players and risk-takers alike. Cosmic and spacey are words used to describe the music. It is constant without being intrusive. In fact, some say it is calming or hypnotic. It adds nicely to the game play without getting in the way or being overpowering. When you hit a payoff, the volume rises and there are extra sound effects added – which is rewarding.  
Game Play Options
You have several options to choose from for game play on Starburst. You can select the coin size to wager, choose the number of active play lines, and set the level of the bet. As with any online slot machine, the closer to max you bet, the better the payoff. The possibility to win 50,000 times your wager in Starburst adds the incentive to avoid minimum bets. Once you’ve set your coin and level choices, you have three options for spinning. Hit Spin to start the reels turning with your wager settings, select Max Bet to spin using the highest available wager, or, if you prefer to simply watch the action, choose Autoplay. Autoplay turns the reels automatically without interruption for the number of spins you select, paying off as it goes.
Free Spins

The big draw for Starburst slot machines is the wild symbol, which appears in reels 2,3, and 4. When a wild appears, it expands to the other slots in that reel, and the slot machine pays out any wins. The wilds remain and a free re-spin is made. If a wild appears in one of the other reels, it expands to the other slots in its reel, pays off any reward, and another re-spin results, with that reel’s wilds remaining as well. With three reels of wilds, you have the chance for three re-spins, with each re-spin increasing your chances of winning big.  

NetEnt Hits the Jackpot with Starburst Slot Machines

NetEnt proves that online slot machines don’t have to have the most dazzling graphics
or complicated game play to be fun and appealing. They have been able to introduce retro graphic elements without looking old or being boring. It a mesmerizingly fun slot machine offering great entertainment value with the chance of a good payout. We encourage you to join in on the fun of Starburst. Take advantage of our limited offer this month for new players to receive 20 free spins!