12. April 2017

Scratch&Win Gadgets Introduction

Gamblers, from beginners to pro, enjoy scratch games. Sometimes it is nice to switch gears and play something that is purely the luck of the draw. There’s nothing complicated about a scratcher. You remove the film covering a card to reveal symbols beneath. On an online scratch game, you use your mouse (or finger on a touchscreen) to scratch. Find the required number of symbols that are the same – usually three – and win that prize. Simple, yet fun. Well, Buck and Butler is pleased to introduce their new Scratch&Win Gadgets game.


How Do You Play Scratch&Win Gadgets and How Do You Win?

Follow this link to go to the landing page. You’ll quickly see why it is called Scratch&Win Gadgets. The featured prizes are gadgets from Apple –  iPads, iMacs, MacBook Pros, and iPhones! There are three different package combinations, and the winner of a package will get an Apple gift card to redeem for the Apple device or devices.

Even if you don’t need or want Apple devices, Scratch&Win Gadgets is still for you. You can sell back the Apple Gadgets prize packages for 80% of the package value in cash instead! And, there are many other cash prizes that can be won as well.

The rules are pretty basic. Simply scratch off each square to reveal what’s beneath. Get three symbols or amounts of the same kind and win that amount or prize package. You can try it out in demo mode, if you’d like – but keep in mind that unless you pay to play (1 EUR per scratch card), you won’t win the prizes.

Rules and Options of Scratch&Win Gadgets

The game has a soothing style and zippy sound effects, with a special sound to indicate a win of three of a kind. It’s an unobtrusive sound track, but if you’d rather turn it off, you have that option under the Menu symbol in the upper left corner. You can click on the Paytable symbol (the money bag) to view payout options.

You also have the option to manually scratch each box, or have it done all at once for you by using Auto. That obviously lessens the suspense and thrill, but sometimes you just want to get right to finding out what you have won.

Play with the confidence of never worrying about losing an interrupted game or transaction – the Scratch&Win Gadgets game has built-in Safebet technology, so you can avoid having to contact Support (although at Buck and Butler, we are always happy to help you with any questions you might have). And, if there is a gaming software or hardware malfunction, all affected bets will be refunded. It is important to note that Safebet doesn’t prevent inactive game sessions from automatically ending after a period of time.

Entertainment and Reward

Scratchers offer fun and entertainment with little effort. So, take a little effort now, sign up, sign in, and play Scratch&Win Gadgets for your possibility to win cool Apple gear and cash prizes!