The Pull of the Lever – The Appeal of Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular games online and in brick and mortar casinos. Over 70% of gamblers surveyed in a 2013 study said they preferred slot machines to table games. Despite that, players who enjoy other games often malign slot machine players as people who just don’t like to think – but that’s not it at all. Let’s look at why slots are so
alluring to so many.

The Physiological Reasons

Gambling of any kind triggers chemical changes in the brain, including the release of dopamine, which helps control the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. That’s particularly true for slot machines. When there is a reward on slot machines, the player’s 

brain receives an intensified rush of dopamine because the reward is so unexpected due to the randomness of slots. The graphics and sound effects of a win are also rewarding and add to the pleasure. This is a big reason slots are so much fun to the player.

The Emotional Reasons

Other games depend on a dealer or croupier, or are influenced by the actions of other players. Not so with the slot machine. It is player against machine. Despite the fact that what comes up is totally random, that feeling of control is what drives many slot players to develop superstitions, such as hitting the spin button in a particular way, or chanting a mantra as wheels spin. To quote a Star Trek character, “that’s not logical” – but why does it have to be rational to be fun?
There is also a feeling with slots that a single spin can change everything. Even those who are on a losing streak can’t help but feel that they are just one spin away from a
jackpot. Anticipation and hope are key drivers of play.
And, yes, part of the appeal is due to the simplicity of the slot machine. There aren’t theories to learn or strategy books that need memorizing. Because they can be quickly mastered, slots can be enjoyed immediately. You don’t have the stress of making a bad decision as in many other casino games. The mind can be cleared of outside distractions and be allowed to just have fun.
That doesn’t mean that slot machine players are mindless. Casino game manufacturers know that they need to have popular themes, high-definition and 3-D graphics, bonus rounds, and other technological innovations to keep the player engaged.

Slot Machines Are Just Plain Fun

Most slot machine players are realists. They know they won’t win in the long run. Most expect to lose money. Yet they play anyway. It’s all about the entertainment value. For
many, it’s an enjoyable way to pass some time, with the added bonus of the possible
jackpot payout. Whatever the reason, slots continue to be the top-played games in casinos. We encourage you to join the fun and sign up now. Take advantage of our welcome offer to receive bonus bucks and free spins!