15. January 2019

Wild Symbols in Online Slot Games

The wild symbol has been a feature of slot machines ever since these “one-armed bandits” appeared on the gaming scene. What has changed over the years is how the wild symbol has been utilized. Understanding the different types of Wilds and how they function can boost your enjoyment – and your winnings – when playing online slots.

How Does the Wild Symbol Work in Online Slots?

The Wild is a special symbol, much like the joker in a pack of playing cards. It can be substituted for most of the other symbols when it appears in a reel, often turning losing combinations into winning paylines. While some slot games may restrict which reels wild symbols can show up in, their appearance in any slot game is totally random. In some slots, Wilds have no value of their own, however, in others the Wild is the highest-paying symbol. Usually the Wild cannot be used as a substitute for scatter symbols, free spins, or other bonus symbols.

Different Types of Wild Symbols

While Wilds are found in every type of slot game, they may behave differently or have different attributes in different games. Some slots give Wilds extra features, including:

  • Wilds as Multipliers – For some slots, the Wild not only substitutes for a symbol to potentially create a winning payline, it multiplies the payout amount. This can make even the lowest-paying symbol combinations more exciting to hit.
  • Stacked Wilds – In slots using this feature, the Wilds can stack on top of each other rather than just appearing in one box per reel. This greatly increases the chances for a winning combination to appear on a spin.
  • Expanding Wilds – With this feature, when a Wild appears, it may stretch out to cover the entire reel. Trailing Wilds is a similar feature, except that as the reels spin, the Wild emits a trail that may turn other symbols into Wilds. Like stacked wild symbols, expanding wilds make winning combinations much more likely.
  • Sticky Wilds – A “sticky” Wild stays in place in a reel during multiple spins. Usually subsequent Wilds during the spins remain as well. When combined with multiplier and/or expanding wild symbol features, huge payouts may be possible.
  • Trigger Bonus Rounds – Usually, the scatter symbol in slot games triggers bonus rounds or second screen “game-in-game” options. However, in some slots, a combination of Wilds may trigger the bonus.

There are many variations of the Wild, so you will need to check the rules of each slot game to discover exactly how the wild symbol is used for that particular slot.

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