23. July 2018

Zombies Online Slot Review

Zombies is a 2012 online slot from NetEnt that taps into the public’s fascination with the walking dead.

The background setting for the game is an abandoned shopping mall, and the ghoulish symbol graphics are perfect for the genre – either dripping or splattered with blood. There is an eerie sound track and the special sound effects definitely let you know when you have a winning combination.

This is a five-reel, three-row, 20-payline online slot machine game, giving you a number of winning combinations without being too complicated to play. Stacked Wilds, a special Random Wild, and a Free Spin Bonus Game take this slot to another level.

The Stacked Wild (a zombie reaching for you) only appears in reel three but it expands if there are winning combinations to be made – up to the entire reel. The Random Wild triggers a graphic of two zombie heads randomly being shot. Each shot results in a Wild on the reels – up to six Wilds. The big winnings come in the Free Spin Bonus game. When three or more Free Spin symbols (biohazard containers) appear, you get five free spins. It also triggers an animation before each free spin where you shoot zombies that get closer and closer after each spin for extra coins.

As you might expect, Zombies is a bit more gruesome than the typical slot. For example, a large win results in an animation of a zombie getting axed in the head. If you are a fan of zombie culture or are looking for a slot that is out-of-the-ordinary, this is for you. Sign up now and make your first deposit to take advantage of our bonus cash and free spins offer!